I’m an Irish traveller – I couldn't go out without my brothers until 17, married at 18 & my husband pays for everything

AN Irish traveller has claimed she has the ‘strictest parents’, after revealing she wasn’t allowed a phone until she was 16 or able to go anywhere without her brothers until she was 17. 

Kathleen McCann regularly shares insights into her life on TikTok and Instagram, including giving fans a sneak peek inside her home.

Kathleen, who turns 19 next month, revealed her strict upbringing meant she wasn’t allowed to wear make-up, dye her hair or even get more than a trim when she was younger. 

Chatting in a TikTok video, where she says she ‘wins’ the strictest parents award, she said: “I never got a phone until I was nearly 17. 

"I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone that had a phone. I was 16-years-old when I put on make-up for the first time. 

“I was 17 when I first went anywhere without any of my family members.  I was allowed to go nowhere without my brothers. Nowhere. 

“I was never allowed to stay away, ever. I never did dye my hair because I was never allowed, I was never allowed to cut my hair literally more than just the dead ends off.

“Any type of piercing besides the ear piercing is madness.” 

Kathleen, who married her now-husband Dennis McCann last year while she was still a teen, says he now pays for everything.

Chatting out the ‘pros’ of being a traveller, she revealed: “When you’re a girl, your family will basically pay for everything for you.

“Until when you get married, your significant other will.”

In another video she explained further, saying: “A lot of us don’t even have an education let alone like, learn how to work.”

She said she was talking about girls in particular, but said they learn a different set of skills away from traditional employment.

Kathleen continued: “That doesn’t mean we haven’t got life skills. Believe me you learn life skills when people are putting you out of shops and staring at you up and down like there’s something wrong with you.

“They still learn how to clean, do washing, they still have basic life skills, cook. 

“They know how to survive, I suppose if they had to they would work, but they don’t have to so that’s the reason they don’t.”

Kathleen shared her progress with fans after learning how to drive, revealing she passed her test last year after '3 thousand lessons and 6 months later'.

Her numerous clips sharing her culture have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and comments. 

One person commented: “I feel your pain. 17 when I got my first phone.” 

Another wrote: “The struggle is real haha sick of my brothers now.” 

While a third said: “But look how well you were brought up hun they did cause they love you.” 

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