I’m average-looking but my man is insanely hot – people ask if I’m self-conscious about it but I feel secure with him

A WOMAN has claimed that she is an “average-looking” woman married to an “insanely hot” husband, but it doesn’t bother her.

TikTok user Hazel McBride uploaded a video with her partner, and people asked if she was self-conscious about him.

On her @hazelmcbrideauthor account, she said: “When are we gonna see insanely hot men with average looking women?”

In the clip, she posed with her chiselled chap and smiled up at him as the audio played.

Many people were quick to disagree with her comments and say she is gorgeous too.

One TikTok user wrote: “umm gurl? I dont see the average looking woman? I see two GORGEOUS people.”

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Another person added: “Maybe he cares about inner beauty instead of looks…” to which Hazel replied: “maybe because his personality is *average* and mine is *banging*.”

A third asked if she was bothered by her partner’s looks, and said: “Does that make you self conscious at all?”

Hazel replied: “nope! i am so secure in our relationship and in myself.”

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One viewer commented on her humour, and said: “”Women who can poke fun of themselves are usually very confident. 

“It’s funny y’all think the opposite.”

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