I’m 'forever a tall queen’ at 5'11" – men say I'm 'not a girl,' but 'a goddess' | The Sun

A STATUESQUE woman has wowed her fans, with one being moved to describe her as a "goddess."

Her confidence with her lofty height has also impressed followers.

Kristina Dunn (@kristinanicoleee) is a social influencer and has over 280,000 followers.

Her TikTok is devoted to, "health and wellness, yoga, pilates, and holistic healing."

Measuring in at five-foot-eleven, she clearly relishes her height.

You will see no stooped shoulders or any attempt to hide away here.

This is a woman who embraces her Amazonian looks.

In a post to her platform, she embodied tall girl confidence.

Kristina wore a short, pinstripe skirt with a white tank top.

She was not afraid to add further inches and happily wore some platform-style sandals.

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Kristina captioned her post: “Being tall."

Then added: “Forever a tall queen.”

“Tall girl problems," she said with some irony, and furthermore, “Long legs.”

Viewers to her post were smitten, with one fan convinced she was heaven-sent: “That’s not a girl, that is a goddess," he said.

Another loved her oozing self-worth: “There is nothing better than a tall woman who is confident with her height," he opined.

This fan's response was typical of many: “You are not just tall. You’re very beautiful and have great legs.”

Finally, this follower summed up the thoughts of others: “You are perfection," was his verdict.

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