I’m in my 40s – people say I should ‘wear swimsuits for moms your age’ but I’m good in my bikini thanks | The Sun

ONE confident TikToker in her 40s combats trolls who shame her for showing skin.

She would rather wear a skimpy two-piece over a full-coverage swimsuit any day.

Jenny Vaughn (@itsjennyvaughn) posted a video to prove she won't listen to other people's opinions.

Jenny posed on her balcony, fresh out of the water.

She dawned an orange two-piece with long ties wrapped around her stomach, framing her figure.

Her caption read: "You should wear swimsuits for moms your age."

But the proud woman's age is a number that does not affect her fashion choices.

To prove her point, Jenny inputted pictures of other women around her age who show off their bodies in bikinis.

Jenny showed photos taken of Jennifer Lopez, 53, Cindy Crawford, 57, Halle Berry, 56, and Kim Cattrall, 66, in two-piece swimsuits exposing their figures.

Her video switched back to show her bikini once again.

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She combed through her hair and said: "I'm good, thanks."

Viewers complimented her courage and ability to embrace her body.

Men commented on Jenny's post to convey their admiration for her beauty.

"Oh, you got this," one man wrote to her.

Another interested man admitted: "Looks dang good."

A sweet TikTok user noted: "Positive vibes. Positive energy. You're gorgeous."

"You look good enough to eat," one forward man joked.

One desperate suitor commented: "You are extremely sexy. You wear whatever you want. The haters are jealous!"

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