I'm Loving These $40 Sneakers I Got From Nordstrom — They're So Comfy AND Cute

I’m Loving These $40 Sneakers I Got From Nordstrom — They’re So Comfy AND Cute

Some people go to the gym, others take pottery classes — my extracurriculars include shoe shopping. You want a good recommendation for your feet? I’m your girl. One shoe I’m constantly looking for is the perfect classic white sneaker. It’s hard to find something sleek and simple that pairs with everything. I want an expensive-looking design without the big price tag. That’s when these Topshop Curly Low-Top Sneakers ($40) come into play.

I was doing my usual Nordstrom sweep when I came across these kicks — I love that they have little rose gold embellishments. I bought them right away and was so pleased when I saw them in person. They are well-made and versatile; I wear them with both dresses and jeans. They also get major bonus points for being comfortable. They feel broken in as soon as you wear them.

The faux leather finish of these shoes also makes them easy to clean. I can keep mine bright white for months. All around, I feel good about this purchase. If you’ve been wanting classic kicks, I suggest snagging these before they sell out. I’m so happy with them, I’m going to buy a second pair!

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