I’m make-up shamed – people say it’s so clear I’m ‘British’ with the amount of slap I wear but that’s just offensive | The Sun

A YOUNG woman who was shamed for applying a full face of make-up like paint has assured she is “unbothered” by trolls’ opinions. 

Chloe Williams made a video applying her foundation with a flat brush. 

She then went in with a light concealer on the same brush to brighten her under eyes, chin, nose and forehead. 

But her make-up routine has caused a stir online with people mocking it as quintessentially “British”. 

Chloe used the W7 Ultimate Full Cover Up foundation with the Technic Colour Balm as concealer. 

A modern staple of UK make-up is bright under eyes, big eyelashes and bronzed cheeks. 

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However, the look isn’t for everyone… including the people in Chloe’s Tik Tok comments. 

One person seemed to laugh at “English girls”, to which Chloe responded: “Barbie girls.”

Another wrote: “I think I can guess where she’s from.”

The make-up fan replied: “Guess babe.”

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She assured that her make-up “honestly looks good in person”, adding that she was “unbothered” by people’s rude opinions on her look. 

Chloe penned in the comments of the now-viral video: “These hating girls are nothing.”

To create the “British” look, Chloe also applied brightening powder, nose highlight and dark brows to contrast with her blonde hair. 

She also kept her hair up in rollers throughout the process. 

Other viewers took to the comments of the video to shut down trolls and support Chloe.

One supporter said: “It’s far too much for me but if the girl is happy let her be.

“She likes it.”

A second quipped: “It gives me UK girls vibe.

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“But you‘re so pretty!”

A third said: “It's giving ‘Bri-ish’ but you still look good though.”

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