I’m midsize with thick thighs – 4 pairs of shorts that fit my legs, including the most flattering ones I own | The Sun

FINDING flattering shorts that fit well can be tricky for women with thicker thighs.

But midsize fashion influencer Brooke – who says that she has thick thighs – has spotlighted four pairs of shorts that fit her figure, including the most flattering ones she owns.

To boost the confidence levels of other women, Brooke focuses her content on midsize fashion suggestions and inspiration.

Last summer, she began a series where she recommends one pair of thick thigh-approved shorts per day.

This year, she brought the series back to add more to her list of the best pairs to wear.

Between ripped denim and athletic options, Brooke's advice covers comfort and style.


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"I don't about y'all, but shorts season always kind of intimidates me. I've always, like literally since I was younger, I've been a girl with thick thighs," Brooke admits in the first video.

"As I've gotten older, they've only gotten thicker."

Brooke's typically a size 8.

To kick off the series, she starts by recommending Lululemon's $68 Inner Glow High-Rise Short 3".

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These white shorts can be dressed up with a blouse or down with a sweatshirt.

"My favorite thing about these are the drawstring because you can really bring it in and sinch it in your waist. These are by far the most flattering shorts I own," Brooke says.

In another clip in her series, Brooke introduces a skort into the mix.

She steps away from the camera to show how Lululemon's $88 Court Rival High-Rise Skirt looks on.

"I just couldn't not share this with you because look at how flattering it is," Brooke admits.

The band on the skort is snug, and the shorts underneath have the grip to prevent them from sliding up your leg.

In another clip, Brooke continues with more shorts options.

She tries on Lululemon's $68 Track That High-Rise Lined Short 3".

"I love how these kind of cut up. I love that these have built-in undies, amazing," Brooke says.

These white track shorts have a drawstring inside, so if you wanted to size up to a pair that better fits your thighs, you can.

In yet another video, Brooke suggests a pair of jean shorts.

"These are, I think, one of my favorite pairs of jean shorts. They're so flattering," Brooke says while wearing Abercrombie's $39.99 Curve Love Low Rise 90s Baggy Shorts.

Despite her apprehension about purchasing from Abercrombie's "curve love" section in the past, Brooke likes how this pair fits her thighs.

"My butt isn't falling out, and when I walk, I don't feel like my legs are chaffing together that much. Obviously, they are shorter shorts, so they're going to ride up," Brooke explains.

"Sisssss when you stood up I was shocked. Looks great," a viewer commented.

Another series fan wrote: "LOVE the tracker shorts, my absolute favorites!! such a cute color."

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