I’m plus size – people always say you have to dress for your belly but I don’t care, I let mine hang out in crop tops | The Sun

A WOMAN has decided to skip the rules of 'dressing for your body type.'

Sian Westley, a plus-size body positivity influencer from the UK revealed she didn't care what 'fashion rules' say.

Taking to TikTok, Sian revealed the type of outfits people say you have to wear to complement a belly.

She wrote: "Fat Gal Styles – Outfits for big bellies."

The fashion fan then put on some green tracksuit bottoms, a pink pullover hoodie and a body warmer.

But, the body-positive beauty decides to wear whatever she wants and show off her belly.


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"F that," she writes before changing into an orange skirt and zebra print crop top to let her belly hang out.

"Love yourself, be bold, no regrets," Sian urged viewers as she grabbed a hold of her stomach and jiggled it, her signature move.

In the bio of her TikTok page, she writes: "The fat girl who jiggles her belly."

Sian regularly shares fashion content for bigger women and discusses the issues surrounding fatphobia.

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In one video the fashion whizz revealed how to spot fatphobic friends and how her life changed for the better when she cut them out.

She said: "They only liked you because of the way you looked, when you started to look different they started treating you differently."

"They were never really your friend," she added.

Viewers praised the body positivity influencer for her video which was viewed over 20k times.

One person wrote: "Gosh I need to get to this point, heeelp."

Another commented: "Love this!!"

"Why it lowkey looks so much fun to js grab n jiggle it like that hahaha," penned a third.

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