I’m plus-size – trolls say I’m ‘disgusting’ and should ‘put my body away’ | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has vowed not to be silenced or hide her body away.

She has summarily dismissed the body haters who insist she covers up.

It takes courage to stand up to nasty trolls, but this young lady has.

Mak's (@chunkymak) affirmations of body positivity on her platform have proved to be enormously popular.

At the last count, she had over 139,000 followers and another 9 million likes.

Her fans are inspired by her unapologetic stance, but nasty trolls can creep in.

In a recent post, Mak shared with her followers what she has to put up with.

In the video, she wore grey sweat trousers, slung low on her hips, and an orange vest, that she had rolled up to reveal her belly rolls.

“Showing your body off in public as a fat person," she said.

Mak then revealed a comment typical of many she has had to endure.

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“You’re disgusting, put your body away," said cruel bullies.

But love and support for this TikToker was overwhelming and quickly drowned out the haters.

Over 72,000 fans liked her post.

“One day you will find that love for your body," she said.

Trolls move on. This lady is not and will not be diminished: “I’m beautiful just the way I am. My body deserves to be loved."

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