I'm re-wearing my wedding dress to my best friend's big day – I don't care if it's rude, it's the nicest frock I own

WHEN it comes to attending someone else's wedding, there's one main unwritten rule – don't wear white.

But one woman, who is from the US, instead decided to take things one step further by re-wearing her own wedding dress to her pal's big day.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained: "I got married five years ago, and wore a short, purple dress to the legal ceremony at the city hall (we then had a religious ceremony to which I wore a more traditional floor-length, white gown).

My friend Lana (not her real name) is soon getting married and I am thinking of re-wearing my purple dress to her wedding, since it is probably the nicest dress that I own. Would that be rude?"

She went on to say she hadn't met Lana five years ago, so she wouldn't know that it was her wedding dress.

However, she noted that one of her other guests is a mutual friend who was also a guest at her wedding, so would probably remember that she wore the dress to her city hall ceremony."


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Unsure on what to do, she asked members of the public for their verdict.

"I feel like you should be fine, no one would even assume it was your wedding dress unless someone brought it up and it looks pretty causal in comparison to a formal wedding dress," wrote one.

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A second commented: "You probably bought the dress to have something you could wear multiple times – I think its 100% okay to wear it."

A third agreed: "It's not rude because it is not a wedding dress, even if you wore it at your wedding."

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"It looks like a nice cocktail dress that I am sure will look appropriate in many occasions. However, you could always ask the bride, but you would have to abide by her wishes if she says not to wear it."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "No. No one's going to know so its not going to be an issue and the dress doesn't upstage the bride at all."

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Another added: "Nah you're absolutely fine. Go re-wear that dress! And hopefully Nicole has the tact to not say anything that might make it awkward."

Following the overwhelmingly positive response, the woman told how she'd decided to "go for it" and was planning on wearing the dress.

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