I’m ‘that girl’ who never wears a bra to college – men ask if they can join my school | The Sun

ONE woman in the no-bra club has brought her lifestyle to the college classroom.

She claimed herself as "that girl" who goes braless to school, and men couldn't get enough.

In her recent video, Lana Hill (@littlelanahill) made it clear she didn't care if others noticed her lack of support.

"How I feel being that girl that never wears a bra to uni," Lana's caption read.

Lana danced around her room, widening her sly smile.

The 19-year-old woman enjoys giving her chest a sense of freedom at any time.

She wore brown leggings and a white corset top — sans bra.

This was a typical college look for the aspiring interior designer.

And her confidence radiated in it as she rolled her body to the beat.

"My body. My choice," Lana said.

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Men expressed interest in Lana after viewing her cheeky confession.

Eager suitors made forward comments in an attempt to win Lana's attention.

"Damn, please tell me you're single and looking to get married," one man admitted.

A clever man asked: "Which university do you study at? (For my friend)." But he was asking for himself.

One aggressive viewer wrote: "You mean 'how I feel being the girl that loves guys staring at my t*ts.' Oh wait, that's every guy, including me. Hi."

Videos of Lana wearing tiny tops and bralettes with padding fill her page.

She is a proud member of the no-bra club, and she's not the only one.

One woman swore off all bras forever and dedicated a special message to all the underwear she planned on never wearing again.

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