In a Thoroughly Sustainable Twist, Shop Thrifted ‘Gossip Girl’ Inspired Pieces

When Gossip Girl first aired eight years ago, dressing like Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf meant shopping their favorite designers directly. For Gossip Girl’s record-breaking, very 2021 return, the new ruling class at Constance Billard–St. Jude’s is as likely to wear vintage Chanel as fresh-off-the-runway Christopher John Rogers. Now you can shop this “everything old is new again” iteration too.

Gossip Girl costume designer and stylist Eric Daman partnered with ThredUp, the online resale site, to curate thrifted shopping kits inspired by Gossip Girl‘s unmissable outfits. Each box contains ten pieces emulating the fashion identities defining Gossip Girl’s main settings (and characters): the Upper East Side, the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. After selecting a Gossip Girl set, you’re charged only for the items you keep, with the inclusion of a $10 styling fee.

During the first Gossip Girl era, thrift shopping attracted “side-eye” from fashion insiders, Daman tells But, to put it lightly, resale has gained popularity between Gossip Girl 1.0 and its new chapter. In 2020 alone, 33 million Americans shopped secondhand for the first time, according to ThredUp’s annual resale report. The reason? Daman says there’s been “a really big wave of understanding how important it is to have circular fashion and shop sustainably,” mostly driven by Gen Z. (Major designers’ latest runway collections would agree.)

Incorporating resale into Gossip Girl’s return captures the modern fashion zeitgeist from a sustainability perspective and from a personal style perspective. “[Through resale], you can find these idiosyncratic, one-of-a-kind pieces that’s not fast fashion—where you walk down the street and everyone’s in the same shirt,” Daman explains.

To bring these converging trends together, Daman combed through ThredUp’s inventory to handpick both day and evening pieces for each resale box, with an emphasis on different city locales for style reference. For the Upper East Side, credits range from Fendi and Marchesa Notte to Ralph Lauren and Rebecca Minkoff. Heading downtown, items in the Lower East Side set trend away from the Met steps to late-night parties and art galleries. Think: All Saints, rag & bone, and Alice + Olivia.

Taken together, the ThredUp kits are a tableau of style identities corresponding with Gossip Girl viewers new and old. Daman tells us the Upper East Side’s polished, prep items remind him of Gen X shoppers while the Brooklyn box’s grunge pieces lean Gen Z.

Still, “I think every generation can get something awesome […] depending on what their style is,” Daman says. See for yourself by shopping Daman’s curated Gossip Girl kits for ThredUp, below.

Shop Eric Daman’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Thrift Boxes

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