It’s 104 degrees outside and I don’t have AC – my ‘window swapping’ hack keeps my roasting loft bedroom cool | The Sun

A HOUSEHOLDER has found a clever way of keeping her loft bedroom cool even when it's 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 celsius) outside.

Her room was roasting and she didn't have an AC, but her "window swapping" hack made living conditions bearable.

“I finally figured out how to keep a loft conversion bedroom cool during the heatwave," said Serena Lee.

Serena (@serenewithserene) is a “mindful mama" from London and she has over 250,000 likes on her TikTok.

But sweltering conditions in the city have made life in her terraced house almost unbearable, especially in her top-floor attic space.

“How I keep our roasting loft bedroom as cool as it can be during the heatwave," she said. "Kind of boring info but it has saved me."

“I have windows on both sides, one here and two veluxes over here," she said.

This meant, wherever the sun was in the sky, it hit her room on all sides – not great when temperatures are soaring.

“This is the window the light comes through in the morning so this one stays closed for the first half of the day," she said as she explained her cooling tip.

But on the other side of the room, she advised to "let the air in without too much light coming in.

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“These blinds stay down but the windows stay open."

In her ensuite bathroom, she kept the door closed to stop light from escaping into the bedroom but left the curtain to give the plants some light exposure.

In the afternoon, when the sun moved position in the sky, it was all change.

“So now we’re going to switch up, keep the blinds down, close these, and let the light come in from over [the other side of the room], so now there’s no direct sun coming in here."

The windows were open allowing a breeze to waft through: “So it’s not too hot but the wind is coming in.

“It’s definitely cool and more bearable doing this than having direct light all day.”

One commenter had their own tip they wanted to share.

“Freeze a large bottle of water and stick it in front of a fan. Works like aircon.”

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