I've lost 13 stone and now have baggy, loose skin but you won't hurt me with rude comments – I'm proud of my achievement

A WOMAN who has been left with "tonnes of baggy, loose skin" after losing 13 stone in weight has insisted she won't be hurt by cruel comments from trolls.

Gemma Fitzmartin has been documenting her weight loss journey on TikTok, and isn't afraid to show off her loose skin – with her actions sometimes prompting rude remarks from viewers.

But Gemma has said she won't let such negativity affect her, because she's so proud of what she's managed to achieve.

In a video which showed her baring her stomach in a black top and jeans, Gemma wrote: "I was bullied for being 350lbs… Comments on my weight loss won’t hurt me!"

She also pointed out the loose skin on her stomach is the result of her "200 lbs weight loss".

"You can't take away how proud I am of myself," she captioned the video.

Another video showed the kind of comments she received from people after displaying her stomach, such as "that's disgusting", "put it away" and "you should be ashamed".

Despite receiving some cruel comments from people upon sharing images of her stomach, the majority of the feedback was positive.

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"I don’t know you, but hella proud of you. All the hard work paid off! U look amazing! Hope you feel amazing too!" someone wrote.

"You're beautiful and you deserve to love you," someone else commented.

In another video, Gemma admitted she is "learning to love" her new body and all its flaws.

While in another she tried out the wrapping paper trend, where she used the paper to cover up her top and bottom half, and said she's "hubby's most expensive gift".

Gemma is currently trying to raise enough money to allow her to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin.

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