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A MUM has made a whopping £2,000 in just one month with a simple side hustle other parents don't want to do.

The Sydney woman found a hobby in making her kid's Easter hats and is now making an incredible profit from it.

Mum-of-two Christy had made elaborate Easter hats for her daughter three years in a row before coming up with her money-making plan.

“I said to my daughter, ‘Let’s buy some discounted decoration stock after Easter and make some hats to sell’,” she told Kidspot. 

“‘If we make some money, we can spend it at the Easter Show’".

Christy gave the side hustle a shot in 2020 but as schools shut down across the county, the first year was a bust.

“I barely sold any, so all the stuff had to go into storage," she said.

The Aussie mum then advertised her small business the following year -using Facebook Marketplace and community notice boards to propel her reach.

And orders quickly began flooding in from schools when they started to reopen.

Last year, she estimates she sold close to 150 hats at £11 each – hitting almost £2000 in the space of just one month.  

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“I had to turn down orders just from a lack of time, so this year I’m going to try hard not to,” she says. 

Christy explained that due to her side hustle being seasonal, she only needs to advertise less than two weeks before Easter begins in order to reach her maximum capacity.

“Last year there were a lot of last minute orders with 20 or 30 pick ups in one day, so I’m expecting the same this time, and I won’t get more than a few hours’ sleep at night in that last week,” she added.

All her customers are required to do is choose a theme and colour and the mum will create a personalised hat for them.

“It doesn’t matter what it is – from Bluey to Minecraft or anime – as long as I’m able to Google it or source an image, I can do it,” she said. 

“I’ve made more than 50 different versions since I started. Last year’s most popular was Fortnite and Among Us.” 

According to the arts and crafts fan, many parents dread making these Easter hats.

“I get told by a lot of parents that they hate doing it, or they’re time-poor and not creative enough to do something that their child wants,” she said. 

“I’m particularly creative so I quite like doing it. It is a lot of work, though. People just think it’s printing and gluing onto a hat but you have to find the images legally online, cropping it, fitting it all into the card stock and hand cutting each image."

The mum explained that because of rising costs in materials, she'll have to raise her fee to cover her expenses this year.

She said that the projects usually cost her around £2-£3 so she makes a hefty profit from her sales.

“I’ve probably made more than £2,000 since I started. When the kids come up to the door with their parents to collect their hat, that’s the best part, because it’s really cute to see how much they love it,” she added.

This comes after one mum was left a single parent at 18 and working in Starbucks but now thanks to her side hustle, her business is worth £165million.

Jennifer Wehner was living in a friend's spare room but her life turned around when she took an interest in real estate.

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