I’ve quit Lidl and Aldi for Marks & Spencer – I got a huge family haul for £59… the lamb shanks were £4 down from £12 | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has said she is “shocked” by the value for money of a Marks & Spencer weekly shop – and claimed it’s even cheaper than Aldi and Lidl. 

Amelia Jayde bagged lamb shanks, Colin The Caterpillar cakes, nappies, fabric conditioner and so much more for just £59. 

The 26-year-old  said she “literally cannot get over what she got for her money” in the supermarket. 

M&S is often considered an expensive place to do your weekly shop when compared against German budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl.

Amelia shared that this isn’t necessarily the case.

She took to Tik Tok with: “Absolute bargains.

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“Get yourself to M&S girls.”

The mum from Milton Keynes picked up cupboard bits like sauces, beans and seeds.

By way of treats, she got mini Colin The Caterpillar cakes, chocolate biscuits, custard creams, donuts and pancake mix shakers – which were just £1 each. 

Pointing out a fabric conditioner with 50 washes worth inside, she said: “This was £3.50 and smells absolutely insane.”

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She also grabbed multi-surface wipes and stain-removing wipes for £1 a pack. 

Amelia also grabbed popcorn, crumpets, yoghurt pots, hot cross buns and sandwich fillers for snacks and lunch boxes.

However, the star of the shopping show was the meat she nabbed.

The mum picked up two lamb shanks for just £4.86 – down from £12.15.

She also bought chicken legs for £1.20, chicken wings for £1.20 and mince for £2. 

To cook with the meat, Amelia stocked up on vegetables, potatoes and rice. 

She also nabbed 23 nappies for around £3 and different fruit juice flavours.

Fellow homemakers flocked to the comments of her video – with many affirming that M&S is the place to shop.

One penned: “When we think M&S, we think ‘posh rich folk’. 

“But M&S is the reason the rich stay rich.

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“It’s almost always cheaper than Aldi and Lidl.”

Other viewers vowed to do their next weekly shop there.

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