I’ve worked in beauty for years & have the best hacks – my 3p secret gives the longest lashes ever & only takes seconds | The Sun

A BEAUTY whizz has shared how to achieve the thickest and longest lashes with a 3p trick, as well as other must-know make-up hacks.

If there's one person who we trust with make-up it's TikTok user Charlotte Hyatt who's been in the beauty industry for four years – and now she has listed some of her favourite hacks.

According to the whizz, from the UK, your skin prep plays a huge role in how your make-up will come out – and here, moisturising is key.

''When you moisturise, wait at least ten minutes before you put your foundation on because it's just going to mix up.

''You want your skin to soak it up,'' Charlotte explained in her video.

Speaking of foundation, the pro insisted that you shouldn't apply it from just any spot on your face – instead, place it in the centre, just above your brows, and work your way out.

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This will prevent any foundation lines from forming and will also save you heaps of product.

''You actually don't even need that much coverage all over your face.''

Moving onto your eye make-up, Charlotte recommended skipping concealer to prime the eyelids if you have a more oily skin type.

Sharing her advice, she advised to use an eye shadow primer instead.

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Just as important is knowing how to apply eye shadow if your eyes are hooded – rather than looking upwards, keep your face straight, she said.

''Because when you open your eye, it's gonna be a completely different shape.''

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The beauty guru also had a cheap hack for those struggling with getting volume in their lashes – and it's all to do with a bit of powder.

Charlotte revealed: ''Just put some translucent powder in-between each coat of mascara and your lashes will be so thick and full of volume.''

Moving towards the very end of your beauty routine, the make-up pro noted that there is a difference between setting and finishing sprays.

''if you want your make-up to last, you need to make sure you're getting a setting spray not a finishing spray.''

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