Kate Winslet Named Global Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris

FACE FACTS: British actress Kate Winslet is the latest global ambassador to be named by L’Oréal Paris.

“Kate Winslet is a true icon – in film and as a strong woman, an empowering voice in our mission at L’Oréal Paris: Believe in yourself, so the next generation doesn’t doubt it for a moment,” Délphine Viguier-Hovasse, global brand president of L’Oréal Paris, said in a statement.

“With her talent for elevating women’s stories and supporting those without a voice, Kate Winslet shares our reason for being at L’Oréal Paris – to encourage women to know their worth, celebrate their beauty and dare to be themselves,” the executive continued.

Winslet, who shot to fame at the age of 21 in “Titanic,” has appeared in films such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Revolutionary Road” and “Little Children.” She won her first Academy Award for “The Reader” in 2008.

Her upcoming movie projects include “Avatar 2,” directed by James Cameron, for which she learned how to freedive.

“Kate Winslet is passionate about portraying women whose stories have never been told on screen, returning long-erased women to their rightful place in history,” according to L’Oréal Paris.

In Francis Lee’s “Ammonite,” Winslet plays trailblazing 19th-century fossil hunter Mary Anning, for instance.

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“It’s taken work to get to a place where I make no apology for who I am, where I accept my flaws,” said Winslet in the statement. “I’m delighted to join the L’Oréal Paris sisterhood to say: It takes courage and strength to believe that you are worth it.

“Sometimes, you may not feel worth it at all.… We all have moments like that, and that is what makes us all human,” she continued. “But the more you say these words and believe in everything that you truly are, and however you identify, then with time and belief in yourself, you too will feel worth it.”

Winslet supports many causes, including women’s rights through the UN Women and Ovarian Cancer Action, and children’s rights as a founder of the Golden Hat Foundation. To help change the perception of homeless people through theater, she is part of the charity organization Cardboard Citizens, and on the environmental front, she backs The World Forest Organisation.

Other L’Oréal Paris ambassadors include Jane Fonda, Céline Dion, Elle Fanning, Amber Heard, Soo Joo Park, Liya Kebede and Leïla Bekhti.

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