Kelly Rowland Takes Us Down Memory Lane With Her Favorite Hairstyles

A crown fit for a queen! Superstar Kelly Rowland has been through the thick and thin, the curly and straight and then red and purple when it comes to her locks. Starting off her singing career as a teenager in Tina Knowles’ hair salon and then going on to become a big-name entertainer has given her a unique view on how hair impacts your everyday life.

Rowland, 38, sat down with Stylish to relive her favorite hair moments from Destiny’s Child and her solo career and talk about her empowering new partnership with Dove Hair called “#myhairmyCrown,” which has a mission of teaching girls and women to wear their hair proud, like a crown

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On this dream partnership, she says, “I think that it’s celebrating yourself. It’s celebrating your originality. It’s celebrating your uniqueness. It’s celebrating your creativity. It’s celebrating you and not conforming and just being yourself.” Rowland continues, “When you’re able to celebrate your own features and be proud of it, then I just feel like it’s more of an inner self power that we possess.” 

The songstress is no stranger to switching up her hair ‘dos for the sake of empowerment. Growing up with so much access to the Knowles’ salon set the stage for a strong relationship with her own hair. “Tina actually gave me a lot of hair confidence. And I remember Tina saying, ‘Oh, Kelly can wear anything. She wears long hair, she wears short hair. ‘ You know what I mean? We played with color. She just allowed myself and B and Michelle, just the freedom, we could all do anything we were feeling and she would help support us and shape it into existence. And that was so healthy for me as a kid, for sure.”

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After growing up surrounded by strong women the “Motivation” singer has found her own groove when it comes to her hair crown. “Right now, I’m loving combing through my own natural hair and putting a conditioner in it or oil in it, and just letting it kind of roll through. Just coming out of the shower, I feel very Diana Ross on her self-titled album cover with just jeans and a tee on.

The former Destiny’ Child member also told Stylish what she favorite hair looks have been throughout her life. “It was definitely my short kittycat red, that was really my favorite hair style. It felt so me, easy but cool.” Rowland continued, “I also really love my bang that I did at the Super Bowl and in the ‘When Love Takes Over’ video. It was my hair that I did on ‘Motivation,’ I remember I loved that and it was fun to switch it up!

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