Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

Aries (Five of Cups, Seven of Coins, Knight of Coins)

Some regrets can dog our steps, however hard we march onwards or however fast we may run from them.

The Five of Cups asks you to turn and face one of yours, albeit (I promise) for the LAST time.

It is trying to catch you up because there’s a Life Lesson you missed. And it’s important.

So, use the Seven of Coins energy to stop and pause, to take this regret, put it in a jar, and go sit somewhere quiet to reflect on it (it’s OK because you’re at a safe enough distance now that this gaze will be one of hindsight).

The Knight of Coins hints it’s something related to your security and defences in the future.

Perhaps how well you protect your lifestyle materially (insurances, pension, savings etc… yawn…)

Perhaps it’s the influence of toxic people who you could recognise for what they are sooner (you can be naive sometimes, you always give others the benefit of the doubt).

Perhaps it’s a boost to your resilience which needs acknowledging. You decide. But do take this “time out” to consider…

Taurus (Queen of Swords, Strength, The Empress)

You’re reflecting on your identity and the roles you play in life, and this contemplation is valid and significant.

We so often troop on without stopping to pause what all this activity is making us become.

Strength is a powerful major arcana card which shows you’re on a “mental journey”, a shifting of your thoughts about yourself and who you are.

There are lots of roles you play in life.

The Queen of Swords shows your independence, your intellectual skills being put to use, your need for space and solitude and, indeed, having NO role to play (Taurus needs sleep godammnit!)

The Empress reveals your “Mother Nature” side: the mother, partner, sibling, teacher, protector, creator.

She is where you receive, and also emit, the most energy. How balanced are these roles?

How much time and effort do they demand, and repay, of you? Consider your schedule as a series of mini “plays”, in each you play a different role.

Are some outdated or no longer serving you? Are you spending more time in the ones you do out of obligation than for fun?

This week, think about this. And make some changes. It will be enormously fulfilling.

Gemini (Ten of Coins, The Hanged Man, Two of Cups)

There’s a been a sense of limbo, or frustration, presiding over your closest relationship/s.

The Hanged Man reveals you feel your sacrifices aren’t always rewarded, and things have lost the momentum you like to feel (progress matters to Gemmys, you HATE standing still).

The Two of Cups promises that this is just a glitch, that the love you have for each other is still strong and can rekindle (if you’re single then this may relate to your closest friend or family member).

We all go through the doldrums, and sometimes it’s just that our energy levels are depleted and need to replenish.

The fastest route out of this rut is found via the Ten of Coins: reconnect over a shared long-term goal or ambition.

Where do you see yourselves in 5, 10 years’ time? What “dream lifestyle” do you desire, and which aspects of those vision/s do you share?

Do you have ideas or strategies for achieving this? Can you pool resources and make a commitment?

Painting a picture of who you can both become in the future will shake you out of the dissatisfactions felt in the present, and get you back on track.

Cancer- (The Sun, Four of Cups, Five of Coins)

You’re feeling a bit “meh”, maybe the tail end of some January blues, it happens!

The Four of Cups is a boredom and dissatisfaction card, showing that we’ve lost sight of the treasures and gifts right under our nose.

Focusing on what we lack, vs what we HAVE.

The Five of Coins deepens the melancholy, and hints your mind has even wandered back to the past and started to ruminate on old wounds… NOPE! Stop! Enough!

You’re only doing this to yourself, and you can get OUT of this rut as easily as you got in. And THIS is the week to do it.


The Sun is the tarot’s positivity card, pointing to a portal through which we can step into bright sunshine and prosperity.

Seek your own portal. What treats, activities, bliss and pleasure can you set up for yourself this week to remind you of how GOOD life can be. Book a holiday, buy the shoes, plan an adventure, make a date… do it.

Leo- (The Moon, Eight of Swords, Ace of Coins)

The Moon and the Eight of Swords both represent unspoken anxieties, hidden fears and secrets.

Those shadowy half-truths that fester inside, because we keep them private and therefore we never really get the full story.

We sometimes even, with that Eight of Swords, let them create mental “prisons” for us, where we project those anxieties outwards as external barriers that justify our behaviour. Others wonder what the HELL is going on.

We probably couldn’t explain it if we tried…

And, yet, you’re becoming aware of yourself doing this, about something. And you’re tired of it.

The Ace of Coins shows you’ve got the insight, courage and resilience to start dismantling this behaviour, deconstructing this fear and releasing its grip over your emotions and actions.

Little by little, with every step, you’ll travel far. Soon, you won’t remember what this was even all about.

Virgo- (Seven of Wands, Page of Swords, Justice)

You are a pretty “black and white” kind of person, you see things as either right or wrong, good or bad, on or off.

The shades of “grey” which others glide through are, to your mind, a bit of a “cloak” for misdemeanours and shenanigans (you’re probably right).

And the Seven of Wands has you in your (favourite?) role of JUDGE once again. And it’s put you at odds with others; they don’t like being judged (*SPOILER* no one does).
The Page of Swords and Justice show, on the one hand, you ARE right about things.

You have seen the situation in its true light (you usually do). But, actually, is it REALLY any of your business?

You know what, you can’t influence other peoples’ shit, or tell them how to live, or waste your precious energy worrying about it all. Look after your side of the street, and let Lady Karma clear up the rest.

She will. In time.

Libra- (Queen of Swords, Queen of Coins, Ten of Coins)

All of a sudden, your attention falls to thinking about your long-term security; things like your savings, investments, debts, pension, possessions, insurances, house and home plans.

The Ten of Coins represents our future stability and material wealth, the happy home we can make for ourselves and its presence here is a good omen that you’re well on your way.

Two Queens also grace you with their presence, AND their power.

The Queen of Swords brings rationale, intellect and shrewdness to the table, helping you to sift through new information and make considered decisions fast.

The Queen of Coins brings the pragmatism and organisation to put these new ideas into action. She also makes this process less, shall I say, dull?

Money is an enabler of other things, it is only a means to an end.

What you’re doing here is visualising and creating your lifestyle dreams, and putting plans in place to make them a reality.

It will feel so empowering.

Scorpio- (King of Coins, King of Wands, Three of Swords)

Scorpio, WHAT have you been up to, my friend?

This trio of cards COULD read like a very saucy drama… two suitors (one Earth sign and one Fire sign) are both enamoured with you, and you’ve been breaking hearts and shattering dreams because you’re not sure which one you like best.

Does that ring true? For those (secretly) nodding, then, this is the week to put right what has gone awry.

Get back on an even keel. Make your choice (or choose neither) and clear up a bit…
If that, and I appreciate for most it won’t, has not rung true then there IS another interpretation.

There are two King here; one represents the sensible and practical route (Coins) and the other tempts you towards a more adventurous, exciting but risky pathway (Wands).

The Three of Swords is making you feel like you’re “betraying” either yourself, or someone else, no matter what you choose.

Scorpio, just go with your gut. It’s usually right and, if not, this is NOT the be all and end all. More choices, and pathways, will emerge. Don’t get stuck here.

Sagittarius (The Hermit, The Fool, King of Coins)

So far, January has seen you beavering away, head down, all work and no play.

The Hermit is the tarot’s “task master” card and you’re actually kinda’ liking this more serious, goal-orientated mindset.

You’re seeing results, as shown by the King of Coins, and realising that sacrifice DOES lead to reward, if you stick with it.

Effort = results. The more you strive, the better the changes.

As a result, you’re wondering what else you can bring this emerging approach to- work, health, finances, self-development, physical changes…

The Fool shows that a bright idea will emerge this week and you’ll feel 100% enthusiastic about making it happen.

And, with this new-found determination and willpower, you WILL make it happen.

It’s kinda’ like a late New Year resolution, but what’s important is that you MEAN it, and you will commit to it.

By spring, the results will be evident and a Future You is going to thank you for this!

Capricorn (Page of Coins, Eight of Coins, Seven of Coins)

Three Coins cards this week, Capricorn, which suits you as Coins represents your Earth element. And all three share a theme: education!

The Seven is about having come a long way but not feeling entirely satisfied, and taking time out to sit down and reflect on what tweaks you can make to your trajectory to head in a more fulfilling direction.

Seeking further training and learning is often a decision made at this point. Reinforced by the Eight which IS about education.

Taking what you know already and can do, and building on it, refining it, expanding it.

Taking the platform you currently stand on, and jumping up- using training- to reach a new level.

And, finally, the Page IS the tarot’s student. Making an investment in himself now which will pay back down the line.

It’s like the tarot is shouting “go back to school!” at you. What do you think? Up for it?

Aquarius (Page of Cups, Seven of Cups, Seven of Swords)

You and your big ideas! We love you for it, Aquarius, because no other star sign has your imagination and innovative streak and, this week, you’re brewing something new once more.

The Page and Seven of Cups has you firmly in “daydream mode”, letting your mind’s eye wander off into the past, future, outer space (!) to seek a new interest or project to activate your cerebral desires.

Let it go, unleash your imagination. And, keep all this to yourself for now.

The Seven of Swords is a “privacy” card, warning us against being too open and exposed in what we are thinking or planning.

Sometimes people can be dicky, and put down an idea before it has even really taken form. Raining on the parade, so to speak.

Let your ideas develop internally, and become more robust, before you share them or seek input.

Take this week to go on a mental journey of discovery (ah, bliss…). Come back when you’ve got something great!

Pisces (Nine of Cups, Two of Cups, Six of Cups)

A wonderful, magical week for relationships and love, Pisces – whether that be rekindling a current one, or entering into a new romance.

This trio of Cups cards (representing emotions and relationships) tell a story of the high hopes you have for love and partners.

You give a lot, but you need a lot back too, and have been disappointed.

Keep aiming high, Pisces, as shown by the Nine of Cups. Don’t “settle”, you deserve your dream.

The Two of Cups shows that things will live up to your expectations this week.

A mutually supportive, loving and passionate coupling which makes you feel safe, secure and desired.

The Six of Cups is the KEY here. It shows this love is ignited by something from the past.

It could be a shared sense of nostalgia or an old place / activity you both used to love visiting – if so, reactivate this!

It could be that someone FROM your past will re-appear and the chemistry is still as strong. Either way, this week is like an early Valentines. Enjoy!

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