Kourtney Kardashian Bought Her Daughter $400 Gucci Shoes For Elementary School

The Kardashians are serious about fashion, and that extends to the second generation of the clan. Penelope Disick wore $400 Gucci shoes to school, proving that she already has quite the designer collection. You might have your own school-clothes-shopping memories from childhood, but chances are they didn’t include stopping by Gucci to see if the store had your size in loafers. But Disick isn’t your average grade school kid.

Kim Kardashian West shared a photo of the high-fashion moment on her Instagram earlier this week. On April 9, Kardashian West posted a picture of her, her daughter North West, sister Kourtney Kardashian, and Disick at school. Both West and Disick were in their school uniforms, posing next to their moms in front of class. Kardashian West hinted that the girls were going back to school after break, captioning the photo, "Spring Break is over."

While their uniforms are the same, the two young students got to express their personalities through their shoes. West wore athleisure-approved Chuck Taylors, along with white tights. Her cousin decided to go a different route, where Disick wore sleek Gucci loafers.

To be exact, the six-year-old, who is nicknamed “Poosh” by her parents and is the inspiration behind Kardashian’s new lifestyle website, accessorized her look with Gucci Princetown leather slingback loafers. The mini-me shoes retail for $365.

The shoes have elasticized slingback straps, gold horse bit detailing, and are made in Italy, just like the grown-up versions. The women’s style, which doesn’t have the elastic strap at the back, costs $695.

As an elementary school student, Disick shows great taste. The loafer is one of the leading symbols of Gucci, and has been around for 66 years. The iconic shoe was inspired by the equestrian lifestyle that Gucci’s founder, Aldo Gucci, was so passionate about. That’s why the simple leather loafer is embellished with a metal horse bit.

But seeing how much the shoe costs, Instagram fans had a lot of opinions at the style choice. While some were shocked at the price tag, other followers loved the style. “Penelope on the right has better fashion as a toddler then I do at 24,” one follower commented.

And those aren’t the only Gucci shoes Disick owns. In Kardashian’s most recent photo, her daughter is wearing a second pair of Gucci shoes. Just this time the loafers are metallic.

While some poked fun at the exorbitant price tag, Wendy Williams defended Disick’s shoe choice. On The Wendy Williams Show, Williams addressed the internet backlash against the Princeton slingbacks.

“I’m sticking up for you, Kourtney Kardashian,” Williams said. “Her kid isn’t going to school with my kid or your kid. Her kid is going to school where the girl next to her is wearing the $4,000 shoes. And the boy at the front of the class, he’s got an embellished backpack with the real diamond.” She added: “She’s probably going to school with kids with stupid money.”

Thanks to her fashion-loving mom, Disick clearly has an amazing designer wardrobe. Here’s to seeing more runway-ready pieces in the months to come.

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