Kylie Vs Kendall Jenner: Which Pulls Off Poofy Red Dress For Holiday Makeup Campaign Best?

In pictures a little more than a year apart, both Kylie and Kendall Jenner wore poofy red dresses. See pics inside!

There’s nothing like a little bit of sibling rivalry! While they used to have more similar style tastes back in the day, Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality stars Kendall Jenner, 23, and Kylie Jenner, 20, have developed their own fashion preferences over the years after growing up in the spotlight. But when Kylie dropped photos promoting her upcoming Valentine’s Day line for Kylie Cosmetics, we were reminded of Kendall’s Estée Lauder dress just a little over a year ago!

Kylie, in her Kylie Cosmetics photo shoot, wore a strapless red tulle gown by Monsoori. The vibrant red hue of the gown matched the new collection’s matte lipstick and The Love set, which were appropriately color-schemed red and pink for the holiday of love! Kylie posed sitting down, just like her big sis Kendall did in her red dress shoot!

I’m ready for the Vday Collection to launch ..? February 1st come soooooner! @kyliecosmetics

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Kendall, in her picture from Dec. 2017, wore a red poofy dress as well! However, hers was for a promotion with Estée Lauder, and seemed to be more timed around Christmas than Valentine’s Day. Kendall’s dress featured flower straps as opposed to Kylie’s strapless dress, but both were poofy and red all over!

Tis the season ❤️. #EsteeModel @kendalljenner revealed what’s on her #EsteeWishlist and how she plans to spend the holiday season now on the #EsteeStories blog. Click the link in our bio for all the festive details.

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For this fashion battle, we have to go with Kylie as the winner! The strapless design of the dress balances out the poofiness of it, while Kendall’s with the flower detailing – while pretty – made the model appear to almost overflow in fabric! But we can’t lie, both Jenner sisters can make practically anything look good, so it was definitely a close call for this one!

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