Liam from Tracy Beaker Returns is back on TV and he looks completely different

Liam was played by actor Richard Wisker, who's now back on our screens – and looking pretty different.

In Tracy Beaker Returns, we saw Tracy (Dani Harmer) return to her former care home, which she'd dubbed The Dumping Ground.

Liam was one of the current residents. He was sarcastic and loved pulling pranks on people, but was loyal to those he loved.

As well as his role in the popular series, Richard also presented CBBC's Friday Download and appeared in Tracy spin-offs Dani's Castle and The Dumping Ground.

But things have changed quite a bit since then.

Now 23, Liam has nabbed a part in BBC sitcom Millie Inbetween. He's also set to star in upcoming drama Supernova.

Not only that, but a one-off special of The Dumping Ground is airing this Friday on CBBC.

All grown up, Liam has swapped his boyish haircut for a cool quiff.

He's also developed an edgy sense of style, having walked the red carpet in printed jackets and casual suits.

In fact, with a stud earring in one ear, there's barely a Trace of his old look.

We're looking forward to seeing what he does next.

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