Lorraine Toussaint Reads ‘Race Wasn’t an Issue to Him, Which Was an Issue to Me’

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Is it possible to ignore race in an interracial relationship? On this week’s Modern Love podcast, the actress Lorraine Toussaint reads “Race Wasn’t an Issue to Him, Which Was an Issue To Me,” which explores that very question.

Kim McLarin, the author of the 2007 essay, is a memoirist and critically acclaimed novelist. She is a former staff writer for The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Associated Press. Ms. McLarin has also taught at Northeastern University, Fairfield University and Emerson College. Her latest book is “Womanish: A Grown Black Woman Speaks on Love and Life.”

Ms. Toussaint is known for her role as Yvonne “Vee” Parker on “Orange is the New Black.” She currently stars on “The Village.” Stay tuned after the reading to hear more from her, Ms. McLarin and the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

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