Louis Vuitton Offers Last, Lush Look at NIGO and Virgil Abloh's LV² Collection Accessories

With the many lookbooks and closer looks behind us, Louis Vuitton is preparing to complete the debut offering from NIGO and Virgil Abloh‘s LV² line. The offering’s second and final release is upon us and the luxury house has prepared a stylized editorial in line with the first drop, showcasing the accessories atop small set pieces.

Along with the deconstructed and oversized Damier prints, the bags sport “dripping” monogram paneling and LV²-branded natural leather tags or “LV MADE”-emblazoned turtles and polar bears, a nod to NIGO’s HUMAN MADE. Elsewhere, faded indigo denim covers fur-trimmed scarves and boots, fusing NIGO’s preferred workwear aesthetic with Vuitton’s opulent ethos and unmistakable monogram.

Some of the more affordable items include tiny accessories like glass coasters and graphic necklaces, though the gem-set Louis Vuitton² necklace is unlikely to come in at a modest price. Such is to be expected for those looking to invest in a piece from the range, which will also include the clothing seen in a prior lookbook

Louis Vuitton’s website and stores will host the final LV² drop on August 28.

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