Man breaks down in tears after finding out in a Christmas cracker he is going to be a dad

A MAN broke down in tears after pulling a Christmas cracker which revealed he was going to be a dad for the first time. 

TikTok user @jessicabrookess filmed her partner pulling the festive cracker to reveal a pregnancy test and a life-changing note. 

In the emotional video, Jessica behind the camera watches as he pulls the cracker, and she can be heard saying: “Look inside.”

As he finds the note, she asks: “What does it say?”

Still unsure of what is going on, the man reads: “Merry Christmas daddy, I love you so much…”

Realising the connection to the positive pregnancy test, the man is unable to carry on reading out the note and breaks down in tears. 

Jessica uploaded the heartwarming video to TikTok, and it has racked up 2.9million views. 

She added the caption: “When I surprised him with the news he was going to be a dad on Christmas Day.

“Thanks for all the love everyone.”

The video was shared a few months ago, so was filmed on a previous Christmas, with other TikTok clips on her account showing their beautiful daughter who has since arrived. 

Many people were quick to praise the adorable video, and said they were now in tears at his sweet reaction. 

One wrote: “BEST reaction ever. Congratulations to you both.”

Another added: “I just finished my make-up, now I’m crying it off.”

And a third wrote: “Congratulations, fully teared up.”

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