Man stuns with ‘messiest car in the world’ crammed with McDonald’s boxes & carrier bags so high he can’t even see out

A MAN has stunned the internet by sharing a picture of the world’s “messiest car” filled to the roof with takeaway rubbish.

It’s a surprise that the driver can squeeze into the untidy vehicle, which is piled high with McDonald’s boxes, carrier bags and piles of paper.

Only the driver can just about get into the car, as all the other seats are covered with wrappers. 

A man, who isn’t confirmed as actually owning the shocking vehicle, shared some pictures of it to Facebook, and it has racked up thousands of shares and "likes". 

He added the caption: “Can’t even make this up. How do you not get fined or a citation for this crap? 

“Hoarders on A&E come get your people.”

Many people were understandably shocked by the state of the car, with one person saying: “lol this is nuts.”

Another added: “It is a hoarder car for sure!”

A third said: “makes me sick.”

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