MasterChef star shares trick to getting the perfect rise on your Yorkshire puds

YORKSHIRE puddings are the baked batter crown on top of your roast dinner.

While technically you're only supposed to serve them with beef, many of us whip them out at any occasion that involves gravy – and quite frankly that's the way it should be.

There's nothing wrong with the frozen Aunt Bessies, but plenty of us want to wow our guests with homemade.

The only issue is, when done wrong you can end up with sloppy puds or burnt bottoms or – the most likely option – dense batter discs as your Yorkshires refused to rise.

Don't worry though, the pros are on hand to help you get the ideal golden, fluffy, tall puds and we can't wait for Sunday just thinking about them.

MasterChef finalist Bart Van Der Lee has an unconventional hack that you'll want to try, and apparently it works every time.

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Bart said that you'll need to start with the perfect batter: 100ml sunflower oil, four eggs, 200ml whole milk and 200g flour.

Speaking to, he said: "My favourite way of making Yorkshire puddings is those non-stick 12 cup muffin trays.


“Start by whisking your eggs to get some nice air in your batter which will make them rise beautifully in the oven later. Add your whole milk, and then sieve in the flour.”

He then suggests pouring your well whisked batter into a measuring jug for easy pouring.

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The pro chef said: "Preheat the oven to 190°C and pour the oil into the cups.

"We want about a cm of oil in each cup so don’t be shy! Heat up the muffin tray with the oil for about 15 minutes in the oven. When the muffin tray is nice and hot gently pour in the batter.

"Use a spoon to catch the drip in between switching cups as we don’t want any batter on the sides. This will burn, get bitter and prevent the puddings from rising freely."

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Bart then advises leaving these to cook for 15-20 minutes but said it's important not to open the oven door during that time as it could cause shrinkage.

He also said any leftover puds can be frozen to avoid waste… although we can't imagine there being any leftovers.

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