McDonald's fan reveals how to get a ‘Big Mac’ for half the price with easy hack

WE'D be lying if we said a Big Mac wasn't one of our favourite treats, but the iconic McDonald's burger isn't exactly the cheapest menu item.

Luckily, one bloke from the US has discovered a little known trick which allows you to get the taste of the popular burger for a fraction of the price.

TikTok user Dre Pao, who's dubbed himself the "CEO of snacks", has revealed exactly what you should ask for when ordering from the fast food giant.

In the clip, he suggests ordering a McDouble, or a Double Cheeseburger in the UK, and ask for no mustard and no ketchup, but to add the special Mac sauce.

While the change might seem simple, the snack guru reckons it tastes exactly the same as a Big Mac but without the added cost – after all it is the sauce that makes it.

Impressed, one person commented: "Omg this is amazing."

While others suggested asking for a "McDouble made like a Mac" and say most stores will know exactly what you mean.

Some were skeptical and reckon nothing beats an ACTUAL Big Mac, but it's certainly worth a try if it means saving a couple of quid.

In the UK, a Big mag burger costs roughly £3.19, while a Double Cheeseburger will set you back just £1.49 – so even if some stores charge you extra for the change, that's still going to be a pretty fair saving.

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