Meghan Markle shares throwback clip of her aged 11 protesting about sexist advert in poignant International Day Of The Girl post – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle has uploaded a poignant video to celebrate International Day of the Girl and included a clip of her aged 11 protesting about sexist ad.

The throwback shows the youngster in 1993 on Nickelodeon, speaking about how she complained to Procter & Gamble over one of its adverts.

The commercial had said that its soap was handy because “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans”.

Meghan had been upset by the ad when it was released, especially as two boys from school said it confirmed the stereotype that women “belong in the kitchen”.

The clip was included in a video posted on the official Sussex Royal account.

An adult Meghan narrates the video saying: “Every girl has potential, she has promise, she has the right to learn, the right to be heard, the right to play and to discover – the right to be exactly who she is.”

The throwback clip shows a young Meghan on TV saying: “If you see something you don’t like on television or anyone else, write letters and send them to the right people and you can really make a difference for not just for yourself, but for lots of other people.”

Then the dialogue cuts back to the voiceover, which continues: “So to each one of you keep asking questions and pushing forward and keep shining brightly, know your worth and no that we are behind you, every step of the way.”

There is also a clip from Meghan's 2015 speech at the United Nations, where she is heard saying: "It is said that girls with dreams, become women with vision."

The post has so far racked up over 400,000 views and was captioned: “Today is International #DayoftheGirl, a day observed globally and created by the United Nations to acknowledge the gender inequality that exists worldwide.

“Be it lack of access to education, stigma surrounding Menstrual Hygiene Management, forced child marriage, legal or medical inequality, or gender-based violence, there is a pressing need to support young women in their path to excellence.

“It is also a day to celebrate and encourage girls to know their value and to support them in taking action to grow into the women they wish to be.

“The Duchess of Sussex has been a long time advocate for women’s and girls rights and at the age of eleven campaigned against a sexist advertisement, which was then changed. No matter what age, or what background you have the power to make an impact.


So to each one of you keep asking questions and pushing forward and keep shining brightly, know your worth and no that we are behind you, every step of the way.

“HRH recently shared a quote during a speech in Cape Town: ‘Visualize your highest self, and show up as her.’

“To all of the young girls reading this today on International Day of the Girl, that quote is for you.”

Many fans praised Meghan for her inspirational post, with one writing: “Beautiful speech” and another adding: “Our duchess, always on point!”

Meghan has been a passionate advocate for women’s rights and her official page on the Royal Family website says: “These early experiences helped to shape her lifelong commitment to causes such as social justice and women's empowerment.”

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