Millie Bobby Brown’s New Blonde Hair Is Her Second Hair Change This Week

Millie Bobby Brown is now a blonde. The Stranger Things star joined the long list of celebs that have been changing their hair color the past few weeks. And what’s more is that Millie Bobby Brown’s new blonde hair is her second hair transformation in just one week.

On Sunday, Sept. 22, MBB sat down in Miami-based celebrity hair stylist Dafne Evangelista’s chair to turn how short brown bob into a blonde balayage with some major wavy extensions. Hello, beach waves. The stylist even shared a quick tutorial of how she applied the extensions to take MBB’s hair from shoulder length to about the middle of her back.

Then, just two days later the 15-year-old then went to see a stylist named Yair from YSV Salon in Miami who gave her a shorter, blonder look. The stylist removed her extensions and took her ash brown roots and honey blonde ends to an all-over golden blonde lob.

Look One Of The Week

Millie’s new blonde look is a huge departure from her signature short brown bob that we’re used to seeing her rock. And while it’s a big change for Millie, it is kind of similar to a look that we’ve seen her rock as her character Eleven.

True Stranger Things fans know what look I’m talking about. MBB’s new mane is similar to the blonde wig that Eleven wore in season one of Stranger Things. The wig that she wore over top of her ash brown buzz cut. The wig was an ash blonde, wavy, and past her shoulders. And while it looks like the star’s latest ‘do is a little shorter and more golden, fans still can’t help but to notice the resemblance.

Look Two Of The Week

When it comes to her color, MBB doesn’t typically stray from her brown locks, so one could say this is quite the transformation. However, when it comes to the length of her hair, MBB isn’t afraid of a little (or big) change. I mean, hello, this is the same young star that also literally shaved her head to get into her Eleven character. While most stars would throw on a wig and call it a day (or call it filming a show), the teenager bit the bullet, shaved her own hair, and actually shared how empowering it was for her on social media.

"I have a job to do and that is to inspire other girls that your image or exterior part is not what I think is important," read the Instagram caption describing the day that she shaved her head. "What I find important is caring, loving and inspiring other girls."

As if her talent and passion for acting wasn’t inspiring enough, her courage and self confidence are also majorly inspiring. It looks like we can all also take a page out of Millie’s book of confidence and realize that hair is just hair and there’s no use in hiding behind it. As cliche as it sounds, no matter your hair length, color, texture, or style, it is just hair, and what truly matters is the person you are inside. *Cries actual tears.*

Basically, long or short, brown or blonde, Millie is and looks amazing. However, it’s also worth noting that with October upon us, people usually associate the fast-approaching colder months with darker hair. But it looks like those days are long gone as Millie joins the likes of other celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian that have actually gone lighter for fall. Blonde hair? For fall? It is pretty groundbreaking, to be honest.

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