Model Kate Bock Launches Mental Health YouTube Series for Suicide Awareness Month

Kate Bock made her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut in 2013, and has gone on to appear in Maxim, grace the covers of international fashion magazines and land multiple Victoria’s Secret campaigns.

Along the way, the Canadian beauty, 27, has become accustomed to the glamorous — but often overwhelming — lifestyle of a supermodel, which involves waking up in one time zone and going to sleep in another.

“I entered into this crazy modeling world where you travel all over,” Bock (who landed her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover earlier this year) tells PEOPLE. “You're always in new places trying to figure out how to feel good in your skin, feel good mentally and have enough energy throughout the day.”

Bock, who grew up in a household that prioritized health and wellness, started adjusting her daily routine to combat the fast-paced lifestyle. By focusing on eating clean and working out, the supermodel discovered her passion for wellness and learned that mental and physical health go hand and hand.

“I tried different diets and trends along the way that didn't work. I finally realized that there isn't a magic pill for your body. But if you eat nutritious foods, get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, get your body moving or do a little stretch before bed, those are small things that make a difference,” Bock says, adding, “They really do add up.”

The model shares what she knows about health and wellness with her 704,000 Instagram followers, posting her work outs, easy-to-follow recipes, skincare tips and more. “I’m so happy to be able to share what works for me,” she says.

And now, Bock has teamed up with anxiety and mental health expert, two-time TED Talk speaker and three time best-selling author for teens, Megan Gallagher, to continue the conversation.

On Sept. 6, the pair will launch a series on Gallagher's YouTube channel about mental health in honor of Suicide Awareness Month, with new episodes premiering every Sunday at 1pm PST throughout September.

“I want to show people what a day in the life of Kate Bock looks like, but also talk about her journey with nutrition and health and my struggles with anxiety as a teenager,” Gallagher — who is also a television host, writer and podcaster — says, sharing that she used to flip through fashion magazines and wonder if the beautiful models on the cover ever felt the same way.

“I think it's so powerful when people like Kate use their platforms and their social media following to spread positivity and share things they incorporate into their daily lives,” she continues. “I’ve been a fan of Kate’s for a very long time.”

The series will consist of 15-minute videos tackling everything from smoothie recipes to self-care routines. And while it will be mostly light-hearted, the women also plan to get candid about their own ups and downs throughout.

"We do have an episode where we touch on our own journeys and share why I'm passionate about mental health and why Kate's so passionate about healthy eating, nutrition and fitness," Gallagher says. "We just kind of explain how those worlds can collide."

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