Model praises £8 Boots moisturiser that she claims cleared up acne after two-year battle

AS we're sure all acne sufferers will agree, it can be tempting to skip moisturiser for fear it'll make your oily skin worse.

That said, Australian model Georgia Gibbs has convinced us to never miss out on this crucial step again after claiming an £8 moisturiser cleared up her problem skin.

In her latest YouTube video, the 25-year-old revealed that she's been using Avène's Cicalfate+ Restorative protective cream every morning and evening.

Instead of a cleanser, the Sports Illustrated model uses prescribed Oleogel N ointment and waits for it soak into the skin.

Next, she applies a generous amount of the high street moisturiser to hydrate her complexion before going in with a tinted moisturiser.

Gushing about the Avène product, she said: "The reason why I love this is because it's super hydrating for hypersensitive skin."

At the end of the day, Georgia does a double cleanse with cleansing milk to "make sure [her] skin is 100 per cent clean and 100 per cent fresh."

Before bed, she'll apply another layer of the £8 moisturiser which contains the antibacterial agents Zinc/Copper complex to treat acne.

In the past two years, Georgia has documented her acne and Rosacea struggles online.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Georgia explained her battle with acne, rosacea and inflammation hasn't always been easy last year.

  • Avène's Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream, £8 from Boots – buy now

She said: "My skin is FINALLY in a really happy place, my acne finally cleared and then my Rosacea went CRAZY, I lost it 'why is it always one thing after another?'

"When the body is truly healing, it’ll heal something that will clear out ready for the next thing until the root of the problem is addressed."

In a YouTube video, Georgia said she managed her rosacea by watching her diet and keeping track of foods that caused flare-ups.

She found out her trigger came from gut bacteria, so she now doesn't eat any food with small intestine bacterial growth (SIBO).

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