More than half of pet owners plan on celebrating Valentine's Day with their furry friends, survey reveals

MILLIONS of pet owners intend to romance their dogs this Valentine's Day – by taking them out to dinner, cooking up a culinary feast and snuggling up in front of a movie.

A poll of 2,000 cat and dog owners found 56 per cent plan on celebrating 14th February with their furry friend.

Taking their dog on a romantic walk, putting something they like on TV and letting them sleep in the same bed are also among the things owners are planning to do with their pet on the big day. 

While one in 10 will cook up a meal fit for a king – or a pooch – in a bid to spoil them with their favourite pet food.

Giving them extra tummy rubs and ear scratches, buying them a new toy and making a pet friendly cake also appear on the top 20 list.


A spokesperson for, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its new scratchcard in support of Blue Cross pet charity, said: “It really does show we’re willing to go the extra mile for our furry friends.

“It’s great to see so many owners showing their pets so much care and attention, especially during the season of love.

“Even though cats and dogs don’t have a clue what Valentine’s Day is, I’m sure they appreciate the extra effort.”

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The research also found find eight in 10 tell their pet how much they love them, with 49 per cent doing so on a regular basis.

But companionship, unconditional love and stress relief are among the best things about owning an animal companion.

More than half (56 per cent) are jealous of the life their pet has and 53 per cent would even swap lives with their furry friend.

As many as 93 per cent know exactly when their pet is happy and eight in 10 would go above and beyond to make sure their cat or dog is content.

And seeing their pet happy makes a whopping 99 per cent of respondents happy in return.

It also emerged owners spend an average of £118 a year on treats and presents for their cat or dog.

Almost four in 10 first got their pet because they are so loving and for the companionship.

While two thirds reckon their pet shows them more love and affection than their partner does, according to the OnePoll research.

Mary Haisman, corporate partnerships manager at Blue Cross said: “We know only too well how much people adore and are supported by the love of their pets and this new survey really shows this.

“It is so endearing that almost all pet owners say when their furry friend is happy, they are happy too and that so many owners go to great lengths for their pet to show their appreciation.”

“This new scratchcard will give players the chance to win £50,000 from just a £1 play, with 20p of every stake going directly to Blue Cross for Pets.”

Top 20 ways pets will be romanced this Valentine’s Day

1.            Treat them to their favourite pet treat

2.            Give them extra tummy rubs and ear scratches

3.            Buy them a new toy

4.            Let them sit on the sofa

5.            Let them play with their favourite toy

6.            Have a night cuddled up in front of a movie together

7.            Let them sleep in your bed

8.            Take them on a long ‘romantic’ walk

9.            Cook them up a meal fit for a pet (using pet-suitable food)

10.          Give them a pet massage

11.          Put something on the TV they seem to enjoy watching

12.          Buy them a nice new collar and lead

13.          Play music they seem to like

14.          Give them a nice new bed

15.          Take them to see their favourite relatives

16.          Book them in for an expensive grooming

17.          Let them have a dip in the sea

18.          Make a pet friendly cake

19.          Take them to see their best friend

20.          Arrange a pet photography /portrait session

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