Mortified mum stumbles onto son’s virtual homeschooling lesson NAKED… & his teacher is almost more embarrassed than her

THIS is the embarrassing moment a mortified mum stumbled onto her son’s virtual homeschooling class fully naked. 

The nude woman was seen by the entire class of students and the little boy’s teacher was shocked as she was. 

In the video, the teacher speaks to the group of pupils during the class saying: “I think a lot of you missed a lot as school ended so fast.”

She then tails off as one of the little boys appears distracted looking away from the camera. 

It quickly becomes apparent why, as the pupil’s mum walks fully naked behind him appearing to hunt for something in the closet.

Shocked, the teacher exclaims: “Oh my god, who’s that back there naked?”

Keen to cover up the starkers woman from being broadcast to her entire class of young pupils, the teacher says: “Turn that camera off.”

The mum realises she is being seen completely in the buff, and quickly sprints out of shot. 

The video was shared on Facebook with the caption: “I can’t breath for laughing at this. Oh I do feel for all you poor teachers out there having to teach over zoom.”

It seems thousands also found the clip funny, as it has been liked hundreds of times. 

One said: “I am howling that would be me.”

Another added: “This has given me the biggest laugh ever!!”

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