Mrs Hinch unveils massive garden overhaul plans including a grey fence, matching decking… and a hanging chair

MRS Hinch has unveiled plans to overhaul her massive garden, complete with chic grey decking and a matching fence – and another hanging chair. 

With a heatwave gripping the UK Brits are making the most of their back gardens, and the cleaning queen is no different. 

The mum-of-one, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, has shared plans for her huge back garden, in Essex, with her fans on Instagram.

She showed off a large section of the grass which is mainly unused, and where the grass struggles to grow. 

After getting inspiration off pinterest, the 30-year-old is redesigning it to add in seating with built-in planters, a pergola and a hanging rope swing. 

Hanging chairs have soared in popularity lately, with Mrs Hinch and her BFF Stacey Solomon both showing off trendy egg versions online. 

The mum to one-year-old Ronnie is now adding a different design outside, which looks just as cosy as her version from B&M. 

Explaining the makeover, she said: “The fences are getting painted grey, obviously, but I really think it will make a big difference. 

“All of the grass along the bottom here where the gravel boards are is so dead, especially this bit up here, it’s never grown. 

“We’ve replaced it, we’ve put seeds down. It’s never happened. 

“What I’ve arranged to have done is have sleepers put in with in-built little seats in them and flower beds. 

“I saw it on Pinterest and I absolutely loved it, I’m hoping it works and comes together. 

“Then in this corner, because we do get quite a bit of shade here, but this is just never used, this part of the garden. 

“So I’m having a small pergola built here, again painted to match the fences, then that will leave us enough room to eventually have a play area built for Ronnie as well.

“I was thinking of buying one of those swings which you can attach at the pergola at the top, and it just, I don’t know just a bit of a relaxation corner.”

A pergola is an open-sided seating area, which Mrs Hinch plans to accessorise in her signature cosy style.

The work will likely take a few weeks, as they’re only allowed two builders at one time, but Mrs Hinch said she was “really excited” about the transformation. 

She later shared her inspo boards from Pinterest – including her new hanging chair.

Mrs Hinch added: “This rope swing! I’ve seen on Amazon for £60 which is what I’m going to order today.”

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