Mum almost chucks out her daughter’s filthy sandals but rubs them with washing up liquid – and the results are amazing

KIDS clothes, shoes and toys often end up a little worse for wear regardless of how much you try to keep them in such pristine condition.

But after almost giving up on her daughter's pair of grubby sandals, one mum decided to challenge herself to get them looking new again – with seriously incredible results.

The cleaning fanatic decided to only clean on shoe though, in an attempt to compare the two after a deep clean.

In a photo she shared online, one shoe is noticeably cleaner and almost brand new while the other usually pink sandal is a filthy shade of brown and completely covered in dirt.

The secret? washing up liquid, a grout brush, and a lot of muscle, as she revealed "it was kind of a lot of work" but is extremely " happy with the results."

Thrilled with the transformation, and relieved her hard work paid off, the Aussie mum shared her method in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.

She wrote: "I think you can probably guess which one is before cleaning and which one is after. They were so grubby that I wasn’t letting my child wear them anywhere even tho they still fit her.

"Dishwashing liquid, a little water and a lot of scrubbing with a grout brush. (A GROUT BRUSH?! I know, but it was do or die baby!)

And added: "I put them in a wash bag and into the regular laundry after scrubbing them to get rid of excess soap, they will also dry better after the spin cycle than if I just left them to dry.

"It was kind of a lot of work for a pair of kids shoes but I wanted to see if it could be done and I’m happy with the results."

Other members in the group were pretty impressed with the results as well, and shared their thoughts on the post.

"Wow – that's impressive," one person said, and another wrote: "Looks brand new again! Well done."

Meanwhile a third added: "Brilliant effort, so many people would have just thrown them away adding to landfill so good on you!"

Some even said they use similar methods for their own kids' shoes with washing up liquid working a treat every single time.

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