Mum makes amazing Christmas garland for just £12 using bargains from Lidl

A MUM has transformed her home into a winter wonderland for a little over a tenner, after grabbing some bargains from Lidl. 

She headed to the supermarket where she picked up two garlands, which were pre-lit with either warm or cool options available.

The mum used a bit of DIY to tie them together, and picked up some cup hooks to easily attach them to the wall. 

She decorated the archway in her house, and while they create a statement as is, she added she was going to decorate them even more over the weekend. 

The mum shared her handiwork to Facebook ground Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where her festive home has racked up more than 5,000 likes. 

She wrote: “Bought 2 pre lit garlands today from LIDL, £11.99 each.  

Mains operated and hung up with hooks on the wall and come with warm white or cool white lights

“Tie wrapped together and covered my archway. 

“Gunna decorate over the weekend … can’t wait !

“Mains operated and hung up with hooks on the wall and come with warm white or cool white lights.”

And in the background is another must-have from Lidl this year – Christmas-themed lights for the window. 

The mum added: “Star lights are from home bargains £4.99.”

More than 1,000 people have commented on the post as they praised the look, with one woman saying: “Looks lovely.”

Another wrote: “They’re so nice!”

A third thought: “Looks stunning, love it.”

While this person thought: “This looks so pretty.” 

And someone else raved: “Great idea looks lovely.”

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