Mum-of-11 shows reality of taking huge brood on holiday- including 15-seat van & spending $54 on ONE McDonald’s lunch

AS we're sure all mums will agree, planning your family holiday is something you have to approach with military precision.

But if you thought your brood were hard to organise, spare a thought for pregnant mum-of-11 Britni Church.

The mum, from Arkansas City, Kansas, gave birth to triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel just over a year ago – and is now expecting baby number 12 with her husband Chris, 29.

Earlier this month, the 32-year-old gave her 1.7m followers a glimpse into her family's trip to Oklahoma City on TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, transporting a family-of-13 can be quite the challenge so Britni and Chris have invested in a 2015 15-passenger Ford Transit van.

Describing it as her "dream vehicle", the mum raved about the van which could easily fit five baby seats and also has headrests for all the passengers.

When they arrived at the hotel, the mum filmed her family walking into the reception and added: "I made sure when I made the reservation that they know how many kids we have."

Unsurprisingly, it was a bit of a squeeze to get the entire family in one lift up to their room.

Giving fans a tour around the hotel room, Britni explained how they had to book two huge adjoining rooms to fit all of them in.

She explained: "We have 10 kids and two adults, there's this room here and then there's a door that adjoins to this room.

"The older kids will stay in this room and the door will stay open the whole time."

As the four younger kids shared a cot in their parent's room, Brini and Chris' older seven children had to share three double beds between them.

Along with a trip to Oklahoma Zoo and Frontier City theme park, Britni also documented what a typical trip to McDonald's looks like for the family.

While waiting in the queue for the Drive-Thru, Chris made a huge list of everything the family – minus two of the kids – wanted.

After placing the order for lunch for 11, the total came to $54 – including 11 cans of Dr Peppa and two packets of 10 chicken nuggets.

Insisting that the cost wasn't "too bad", the family also tucked into four kids' meals, several deluxe chicken sandwich meals and fries.

Earlier this year, the full-time mum revealed the family spend the equivalent of £230 a week on groceries, and go through five boxes of cereal, 66 cartons of milk and 600 nappies.

The US-based mum had her first child, Crizman, 15, six days after her sixteenth birthday with her ex-husband.

I felt lots of shame about getting pregnant the sixth time because I always wanted my children to have the same dad. But I love having a big family – there’s always someone to talk to!

The pair had married five days before, and had another four children together – Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace, 12 and Cadence, ten.

When the couple broke-up in 2010, Britni unexpectedly fell pregnant with her sixth child, Jesalyn, now eight, in 2012.

She spent three years raising her kids alone as a single parent before meeting her current husband, Chris, a sub-contractor, in 2014.

It wasn't long before the couple had their first son together, Silas, five, in summer 2015, a year after meeting – and gave birth another son Christopher, three, in 2016 and surprise triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel, one, in June of last year.

“I felt lots of shame about getting pregnant the sixth time because I always wanted my children to have the same dad," Britni said.

“But when Jesalyn was born she was so innocent, precious and beautiful. All of the shame went away immediately.

“She was perfect. I stopped caring what people thought.

“I love having a big family – there’s always someone to talk to!"

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