Mum-of-three cooks Christmas dinner for just £3.75 per person but would you do the same?

But now one thrifty mum-of-three has revealed how she has narrowed down the cost of her family's Christmas meal to only £3.75 per person.

By swapping branded foods for own brand alternatives, 32-year-old Claire Walton has reduced the cost of her Christmas dinner to just £18.75 in total.

The savvy Staffordshire mum will be serving her husband and three children a traditional turkey along with winter vegetables, pigs in blankets and stuffing on Christmas Day.

Claire told Femail: "My frugal shopping started when Amber, who's now two, was born.

"We needed to cut back on our spending and looking at our food shopping was the obvious way to do it."

Claire added: "I cut our weekly bill by almost £70 straight away – simply by cooking from scratch, shopping around and swapping branded for own brand."

Since overhauling her spending habits, Claire has reduced her weekly food shop from £120 to £50 which has given the family an extra £280 a month.

And when it comes to that notoriously pricey turkey, Claire opted to bulk buy her meats from healthy food retailer MuscleFood where she snapped up a luxury turkey hamper for £60.

Claire's £18.75 Christmas Dinner

  • Turkey Breast Meat – £4.28
  • Turkey Gravy – £1.23
  • Pigs in Blankets – £8.01
  • 12 Sage and Onion Stuffing Balls – £2.43
  • Winter Vegetables – £2.40
  • 1kg of potatoes – 40p

Total: £18.75, £3.75 per person

Alongside her sensible spending, Claire has also made Christmas meal preparation a fun way to get all the family involved.

She added: "Christmas Day is a busy one for me – I want to spend it with the children, so all the prep happens in our house the night before.

"Everyone mucks in peeling and chopping beg and getting the meat prepped and ready to put in the oven the next morning."

What's more, the savvy mum-of-three – who shares her money-saving tips with her 5,000 Instagram followers – also finds that there is enough meat leftover to feed her family for a further two weeks.

Along with a 20p per person bolognese and £1.08 sausage and mash dinner, Claire's leftover turkey pie makes enough to feed her whole family.

Claire's £1.08 Sausage and Mash

  • 8 sausages – 8p from MuscleFood
  • 1kg of potatoes – 40p
  • 2 red onions – 40p
  • Gravy granules – 20p

Total: £1.08, 22p per person

Claire's 20p Bolognaise

  • Sausage meat – 14p from MuscleFood
  • Spaghetti 500g – 20p
  • Bolognaise sauce – 65p

Total: 99p, 20p per person

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