Mum shares genius hack to make cooling toys for kids in heatwave using tap water and balloons | The Sun

WITH temperatures soaring like never before in the UK and children becoming restless in the heat, it’s hard to think of family fun activities. 

But one busy mum has shared her genius toy hack that will brighten up your kids’ days – and keep them cool in the process.

TikTok user @berdievgabinii, has revealed how she uses balloons, tap water and existing toys to create a fun task that will last for hours.

In her video, @berdievgabinii showed how she takes an ordinary balloon and pops a toy inside – in this instance a plastic dinosaur.

Then she fills it up with tap water until it is the size of a normal balloon. 

The next step is to make as many as your desire and then pop them into the freezer.

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Once the water is totally frozen, it’s time to take the balloons out and get ready for the fun part. 

Remove the balloon from the outside until you are left with a giant ice cube, with the toy in the centre.

Then hand over to your kids with wooden toy hammers, or sticks, and set them the challenge of getting the toy out of the ice cube.

As it begins to melt, it will become even easier, but will also help to cool your family down. 

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Social media users are already going wild for the fun idea, with many saying they can’t wait to give it a try themselves.

One wrote: “Fantastic idea!” A second said: “Wow, super.” 

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While a third added: “We need to do this with our boys one day, they would love it.” 

Others described it as a “cool activity” and said their kids would love it.

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