Mum shares incredible transformation pic of ruined Ugg slippers – after sticking them in the wash

A MUM has showed how she transformed her ruined Ugg slippers – by sticking them in the washing machine.

Toni Agrimi, from Birmingham, made the designer footwear look good as a new – transforming them from a dull grey to sparkling black.

Ugg advise against sticking their products in the wash – warning: "Our products are too delicate to be machine washed.

"Most of our products are made from sheepskin or leather, which can be ruined by water.

"Never machine wash or dry clean your sheepskin or leather products."

But Toni reasoned the slippers, which sell for upwards of £55, were "ruined anyway" – so decided to give it a try.

Posting on Facebook's Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, she said: "I figured they were ruined anyway so put them in the washing machine with my normal darks load.

"The lighting is different in the after picture but they are defo black again and fluffy".

And the transformation is so stark that some have even accused Toni of faking the pics and buying a new pair – something she firmly denies, and shared extra pics to prove this.

Commenting on the snap, fellows cleaning fans gushed: "Wow they look amazing like new", "They look so good", and "It’s surreal, I don’t believe you".

Another woman raved: "There not the same slippers are they? My goodness, that’s amazing!!!!!!!!"

Others said they'd done the same with great results, but some warned against washing.

One woman wrote: "I put a pair of ugg boots in the washer and it damaged the suede. They dried hard.. straight in the bin they went".

If you do fancy trying it, the Mrs Hinch fans said they had the best results with a woollens wash, silk wash or a short delicates wash.

One woman also swears by using baby shampoo instead of washing powder, to keep the slippers soft.

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