Mum shares phone hack she reckons all parents need to know about for an emergency

HAVE you ever felt paranoid that you might miss an important call from your child’s school or the doctor when you’re busy and your phone is on silent?

Well, fear not – you won’t ever have to feel that stress again.

And you’ll never miss an important call or text with this clever phone hack.

Lauren Davies, a 25-year-old mum, shared the phone hack to TIktok, where she posts under ‘laurenjd25’.

She captioned the video: “MUM HACK” and the video shares Lauren’s “Mum hack that you need to know.”

It’s really simple to set up and will mean that even if your phone is on silent, you can turn on a setting so certain contacts will ring out loud when you get a text message or phone call from them.

Lauren gives a helpful step-by-step guide for how to set this up.

Firstly, “Go onto your contacts, click the contact that you need.

“Press edit, then what you need to do then is click ringtone, set to emergency bypass.

“Do the same for text, set to emergency bypass.

“And then if your phone is on silent it will actually ring out loud or text out loud so you will be able to hear it.”

It’s a really simple setting to turn on and will mean that you will never miss an important text or phone call again.


Clearly the phone hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 209,000 views.

The video has 14.7k likes, 183 comments and 181 shares.

Many people were commenting and tagging their close friends and family, to tell them to turn this important setting on.

One person said: “Got lots of mum friends who might find this useful.”

Another added: “Saving lives. Imma do this for my dad.”

A third commented: “Omg this is quite good.”

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