My boyfriend is 20 years older than me, people always judge us but they need to mind their business

ONE girlfriend is telling how she puts people in their place when they comment on the age gap between her and her boyfriend.

Amberlina was in her twenties when she started dating her partner Billie, and she said his friends were constantly making judgemental comments.

Taking to her TikTok account Amberlina explains how Billie's friends used to ask her how her "parents felt" about her boyfriend being older.

Posting under the domain @ambersgotjokes she said "I just remember something funny from when me and Billie first started dating."

Adding: "Billie, started bringing me around his friends, you can imagine some of their shocks when this 40-something-year-old man was bringing around a twenty-something-year-old girl."

Amberlina said she was constantly questioned by her boyfriend's friends, but she wasn't shy about talking back.


"Well if you want to play word-tango and put me on the spot, Hunny I work construction. Put me on the spot, let's play" she said.

Adding: "More than one time, on more than one occasion, his friends would say something like 'oh my gosh, what do your parents think about you guys dating'and I would think 'I'm glad you asked'."

Amberlina said that she would play dumb, and flip the question on them instead.

"Oh well Billie went to school with my mom," she said she would say beside the caption "he did not."

Adding: "So they knew each other from before so they're cool with it. Do you know my mom? No? Then mind your business, Jason."

The post has been viewed over 20.8k views and has been met with a range of comments.

"I'm laughing so hard" commented one person.

Another added: "People just love sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong. Love your answer though."

"My man would have proposed to me on the spot with a response like that" commented a third.

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