My date demanded I commit to him exclusively after just 90 MINUTES of talking…we hadn't even spoken on the phone

THE topic of ‘red flags’ has been trending lately, with many people giving warning signs to others on what they should be aware of before getting into a relationship with someone. 

And attempting to speed up a relationship can in fact be a ‘red flag’ for certain people. 

One woman has expressed her recent experience of just this as she claims her date demanded she "commit to him exclusively" after knowing each other for just 90 minutes.

She even took to Twitter and shared screenshots to prove. 

The pictures show her messaging a man, whom she originally matched with on Tinder an hour and a half before.

It then shows him saying that he was only interested in seeing her if she could promise she wouldn't be talking to other potential dates at the same time.

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The woman, who posts on Twitter under the username @SgtDGumby, wrote in her tweet: "Dude I matched with 90 minutes ago on Tinder wants me to commit to him exclusively right this second, before even talking on the phone."

In the screenshots, the man told her: "I will say that if it's me then it's me only. If you want the freedom to talk to others at the same time and have those exploratory chats, I won't be it."

In the text message, the woman’s first response was that she would “make that decision tomorrow”.

However, the man wasn’t happy with her response. 

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He said: "Nah. I'm not going to be in the mix and you pick. It's either see how it is with just me first or it's not. I am too tired to compete. 

“And I don't care to have the 'who needs who financially' [talk]. I'm not woke or care to be, to be honest."

The woman also shared further screenshots in the comments.

The pictures exposed more of the man's behaviour in which he messaged her again at 4:30 am to ask if she'd had time to think about his demands.

He wrote: "Good morning. How's it going? Do you want to meet today?

"What do you feel about me/the situation?"

I'm not going to be in the mix and you pick. It's either see how it is with just me first or it's not. I am too tired to compete

In an additional post, the anonymous woman revealed that they had another conversation where he admitted he doesn't want to "compete" with others.

He said: "I like only being with one person. I'm not talking to others.

"I want to meet somebody and be with them. I don't like competing or having somebody else dating around."

Many people on Twitter were quick to discuss their thoughts on this particular scenario.


Some thought the man's demands were "red flags", but others praised him for being honest about what he wanted out of his dating experience.

One person said: "All I ever see are bullets dodged whenever somebody posts anything from online dating."

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Another added: "Wow, you need at least six people to neatly unfold that red flag."

But someone else disagreed, stating: "Frankly, this is a good attitude. He's being honest, showing his hand and you know to run. Also, if we were all so self-confident and assertive – that would be a good thing."

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