My daughter is a fussy eater & packed lunches are a nightmare – now her school is shaming me for her 'unhealthy' snacks

IF you thought trying to get your fussy eater to eat at home was a challenge, just wait until you have to start packing their lunchbox for school – where they can easily swap any elements they don't like for sugary treats.

So when this mum sent her picky daughter in with some popcorn, crackers and a yoghurt drink to offset her sandwich and chopped sausage, she thought she'd put together a pretty balanced meal.

That said, her child's school was less than impressed with her efforts.

Posting on Facebook, the anonymous parent explained how she is asked to prepare a morning snack and separate lunchbox for her child.

For the main meal, the mum chucked in some plain pretzels, breaded chicken, chopped apple, another portion of popcorn and finished off with some crackers and ham.

Asking other parents for their opinion, the mum explained: "I have an extremely picky almost five-year-old.


"I’m talking, would live on Dino Nuggets if I let her. I WISH she’d consider eating this healthy at home.

"She has started preschool this year and some of the teachers have indicated they’re not happy with her lunches."

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Despite her best efforts, the woman claims the teachers have criticised her for packing processed meats in her daughter's lunchbox.

She continued: "They’ve even commented to my little one who then came home very upset with me for not packing healthy enough snacks."

As she doesn't eat the ham and diced sausage outside of school, the mum says her daughter is probably only having two slices of the ham a week.

Unsurprisingly, the mum's post garnered some heated comments from other frustrated parents.

What the NHS recommends children have for lunch:

The NHS gives a number of suggestions and guidelines on their Chnage4Life website.

  • Base the lunchbox on foods like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes – wholegrain ideally – too keep kids fuller for longer
  • If your child isn't keen on wholegrain, try making sandwiches with one slice of white and one slice of wholemeal bread
  • Try to keep lunchboxes interesting by using a variety of shapes like bagels, pittas and wraps
  • Make food fun as lunches can be more exciting if the child has to put them together, like having foods for dipping and makes a change from sandwiches every day.
  • Opt for low fat foods, like lean meats or fish.
  • Cut down on the amount of spreads you put into sandwiches
  • Always add a bit of salad and vegetables to the meal
  • Cut down on the crisps
  • Chop up some fruit or peal satsuamas and add those instead of sweets
  • Cheese can be high in fat and salt so pick strong tasting ones or go for low-fat varieties
  • Get the kids involved in making the lunch – they'll be more likely to eat it if they helped make it

One replied: "I’m so sorry, that is disgusting they are bringing up the food choices with a child!

“Her lunch looks fine, should focus more on teaching rather than critiquing what parents put into their child’s lunch boxes."

Another added: "Looks absolutely fine to me. I get so annoyed when teachers want to butt in like this.

“It’s not like you’re sending her with a Mars Bar and a can of Coke…"

Meanwhile, a third said: "At least she’s eating. They can keep their judgements until they’ve been in the same shoes . It’s hard enough without the shaming from others."

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