My driving instructor said some VERY inappropriate things to me – but when he asked me out I decided enough was enough | The Sun

LEARNING to drive can be a very stressful experience.

But for Rachel McKinley, the process was made even more difficult when her driving instructor kept saying inappropriate things to her.

Rachel took to TikTok to share a video in which she detailed the alleged messages she'd received from the instructor, including one where he called her "foxy".

"Things my driving instructor said to me," she titled the video.

"Hello foxy," was one text, while another saw him ask her to "entertain me".

He also made a lewd reference to Rachel doing "a quickie" after she asked for a quick lesson and requested that they "cheer each other up" when they were both feeling low.

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Another message saw the man ask Rachel if she'd responded to a "booty call" from a friend, while he then pestered her with "have I said something wrong?" when she went silent.

Following a night out with friends, he messaged her: "Haha fair play to you! You have a good time?

"Missed my chance for my drink then did I."

He also said that she "owed" him a drink, although later insisted that he was "joking", before going on to suggest that she buy him something for his upcoming birthday.

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"The last one was after he asked me on a date and i said no," Rachel captioned her video, which concluded with the message: "So it’s £70 for today and £70 for your test day.

"I feel like I made a proper t*t of myself earlier asking you."

While the majority of people insisted Rachel did the right thing in stopping the instructor's advances, others accused her of "leading him on" – especially as she'd blurred out her own messages and replies to him.

Rachel then returned to TikTok to show her side of the conversation, and captioned it: "i was not leading him on. more like trying to make the situations not awkward.

"i had very little time til my test and all the other instructors i messaged had no availability."

"The men in these comments will blame literally ANYTHING else but the driving instructor," one person commented on the most recent video.

"Don’t know if i should laugh or cry."

"All the men in these comments making excuses like ‘you should of told him to stop’ or ‘you let it slide’ when she’s ignoring him & he’s double texting her, are generally part of the problem," another insisted.

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"It’s obvious she’s not interested and he’s carrying on like she is."

Rachel also alleged in response to another comment on the video that the instructor also had a "wife and kids".

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