My ex dumped me to focus on his career so I got the sweetest revenge and it involved his boss

WE’VE all wanted to do something to get back at an ex after a bad break up but one woman has taken this just that extra step further.

When one influencer and movie producer was dumped by her boyfriend, apparently so he could focus on his career, she got the sweetest revenge by moving on and dating the owner of the company her ex worked at.

Polina Nioly shared the story to her TikTok account, @polina.nioly, where she has 268.8K followers. Polina regularly posts about her life as an actress, influencer, and self-proclaimed millionaire – including experiences at Coachella and Cannes film festival.

Posting the clip about her love life, Polina can be seen looking glam and walking down some stairs. Text over the clip reads: “POV: he broke up with you to focus on his career and now you’re going on a date with an owner of the company he works at.”

The short, seven second, clip has sparked a huge debate in the video’s comment section – with some loving this for the influencer, while others have been a bit more critical of Polina.

“THE LIFE I WANT” commented one enthusiastic viewer, to which Polina responded “THE LIFE YOU’LL HAVE. Period.”


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Another supporter wrote that this was a “girl boss move,” with a third commenting “ur my inspiration.”

One critic of Polina’s revenge wrote: “at least he's working i see nothing wrong here ppl aren't obliged to stay, he put himself first”

“lol why are ppl looking down on him for wanting to prioritise himself and his work as if he missed out on anything” commented another.

While a third critic added: “Proud of him! Looks like he made the right decision.”

Polina jumped into the comments to defend herself writing: “Not the people in a comment saying something like ‘oh girls are searching for money’. Besties I am a millionaire with 100 + employees, am I supposed to date someone less than I am? No thanks.”

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Polina hasn’t shared any further updates on her love life and relationship status so it’s unclear how all of this played out for her in the end.

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