My hairdresser ruined my hair, burnt my scalp and neck and THEN charged me £120 for the privilege – I'm distraught | The Sun

A DISTRAUGHT woman has explained how a visit to the salon left her with "destroyed" hair, a burnt scalp, neck and ears and £120 out of pocket.

Chelsey took to her TikTok page to share a video which kicked off with an image of the look she was going for – an ashy blonde with curtain bangs.

"How the hairdressers completely destroyed my hair, burnt my scalp, ears and neck and still charged me £120," she wrote over the top of her clip.

She then shared pictures of herself in the hairdressing chair, looking increasingly perturbed by what was being done to her hair.

"Aggressively brushing bleach through my hair – was all over my ears and neck and started burning but they didn’t care," she wrote.

"Bleached three times, gave me a stick to itch my scalp which then made it worse."

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When they washed the bleach out, her hair began falling out while they shampooed it, and was "very ginger still".

"I complained about my fringe looking nothing like the picture and he aggressively cut even more hair into it," she said.

Chelsey then showed how she was left after her appointment – with a blunt bob and heavy fringe that flicked out at the sides.

"I spent years getting my hair health again for him to destroy it in a few hours," she continued.

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"Not to mention my ears and neck were burnt.

"And the bleach had burnt through to my roots and left them exposed."

"Moral of the story check the reviews before you go," she captioned her video.

"You should be able to sue them cause it can cause a lot more issues I hope it grows back healthy for you," one person commented on the clip.

To which Chelsey replied: "Thank you so much I hope so too and I might sue im not sure if it’s worth it but I pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else."

"Omg bless u but that amount of bleach is insane they literally slathered your head," another wrote.

"that's horrible hope ur okay," a third commented.

With Chelsey responding: "Thank you I’m just embracing it haha.

"I had someone fix the fringe a little but there’s no saving it."

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