My husband and I have marriage rules that make people angry because it makes us sound controlling, but we don't care

A COUPLE who have attracted backlash with the controversial rules in their marriage have insisted they don't care, because it's their love for one another than comes first.

The pair, who are expecting their fourth child together, took to TikTok to share a video explaining that some of the rules they abide by in their relationship prompt anger from others.

"Rules my husband and I have in our marriage that make people angry," Madison Chavez began her TikTok video.

"We aren’t allowed to leave the house without having our location on," she continued.

She then confused many of her viewers by using a sweetcorn emoji before writing "is a sin" – before people realised she was using the image to refer to pornography.

And the third rule, she explained, is: "We put each other before everyone (including parents)."

The rules sparked controversy, with many assuming that the location services were used to see if the other one was cheating, as one person commented: "I’m stunned by the location being on. That’s crazy. No trust what so ever."

However, Madison insisted they do that to ensure the other is safe.

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When someone wrote, "I’m a flight attendant so I always share my location for safety reasons!", Madison replied: "Ours is for the same reason."

Others defended Madison and her husband Josh for using the rules in their marriage, with one writing: "Good for you queen!

"Whatever works in your marriage. Nobody’s business."

Another added: "These are THEIR boundaries. They don’t have to be yours."

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